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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

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Snake bite incidence with a more detailed survey of victims.



Snakebite represents a significant health issue all over the world, affecting millions of people each year with as many as 95,000 -150,000 deaths reported worldwide.
 India is considered to be one of the worst affected country in snakebite. Government Policies related to compensation from snake bite is still not defined and there are no official records & survey of the incidents of snakebites reported countrywide. Further, lack of clarity and ignorance among people about the procedure to be adopted for addressing snakebites is widely prevalent.
 We conducted a study within urban and rural villages of Thane District, Maharashtra, India and did household survey of 200 families effected by snakebite. During the said survey, we interacted personally with people inflicted with snakebite & their families to understand the health and socio-economic effects of the incident, the treatments obtained and their views about future improvements.

Our Survey highlights the following key points:
Snakebite incidence is higher when compared to attack by other animals like ,leopard etc.
Majority of snake bite incidents go unreported
Medical aid/help from recognized medical centers is not defined and up to standard.
The treatment budget varies from case to case and sometimes cost may rise up to Indian Rupees 25,000 also.
The economic impact of incident on family of the victim could lead to situations like temporary loss of employment, coma, paralysis of limbs etc.

 Our recommendations can be broadly classified into the following :
Accessibility of antivenom and related vaccination in Government and  Private Hospital at affordable prices.
Proper  medical infrastructure in Government Hospital.
Policy related to compensation for the victim & families.
Policy framework to record the incidents of snake bites

           Snake bites victim information / Survey form

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