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Thursday, 28 July 2016

LIghting an early spring

The use of artificial night light is causing spring to come early ,disrupting life cycle of plants and animals

BIOLOGISTS HAVE  have found that the use of artificial night time light is causing spring to come at least a week early .The study ,based on data collected by citizen scientists across the UK ,found that buds were bursting by up to 7.5 days earlier in brighter areas and that the effect was larger  in later budding trees .This has a cascading  effect on other organisms whose life cycles work in tandem with the trees.For instance ,the proliferation of the winter moth, which feeds on fresh emerging oak leaves ,is likely to be affected which may, in turn ,have some effect on birds in the food chain that rely on it for food .The finding is significant as it may enlighten municipal councils to manage light level in a sustainable way . 

Down To Earth 16-31 July 2016

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